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The raw canvas, to create on natural linen

Linen canvas frame with clear primer coat Phoenix. Offers optimal adherence results for subsequent applications.

Indicated for any technique and crafts.

Canvas composition and texture

100% raw linen canvas

Grammage of 400 gr / m2

Clear primer Phoenix

Acid free

Medium grain

Wooden frame, quality and finishes


Profile of the slat: Inclined. The canvas is suspended over the entire work area.

Miter strip, at 45º + 90º angle. It offers a better squaring.

Includes wooden wedges, for the later tensioning of the canvas.

Fabrication of the Casting Frame

Artisan fabric, optimal tension and precise corner folding.

Tension and support of the canvas in a traditional system, studs on the sides and stapling on the back.

Frame protection

Protected with individual shrink plastic film, plus an informative label.

Additional Information


The suspension of the canvas throughout the area allows the pressure of the brush at the time of work to be uniform throughout the surface to be painted. The slat profile offers a work surface with a smooth start from the side of the frame. The range is available in 10 international canvas sizes.

The range is offered in a wooden section, 17 × 30 mm. It is reinforced with sleepers and crosses for better stability.

Detailed information in the tables

Figure Landscape Measures

wdt_ıd Size References Size Pack
1 5F 2031201021 17X30 6
2 5P 2031201022 17X30 6
3 6F 2031201024 17X30 6
4 6P 2031201025 17X30 6
5 8F 2031201027 17X30 4
6 8P 2031201028 17X30 4
7 10F 2031201030 17X30 4
8 10P 2031201031 17X30 4
9 $ 12 203120103302 17X30 4
10 12Pt 203120103402 17X30 4

International Measures

wdt_ıd Size References Size Pack
1 20x20 2031201067 17X30 6
2 20x30 2031201088 17X30 6
3 30x30 2031201068 17X30 6
4 30x40 2031201091 17X30 6
5 40x40 2031201069 17X30 6
6 40x50 2031201095 17X30 4
7 50x70t 203120110302 17X30 4