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Pads or drawing pads for artists of various creative profiles. Din-A5, Din-A4 and Din-A3 sizes.

Canvas Pad, canvas pad or fabric for all kinds of techniques. Drawing Pad, pencil sketch pad, charcoal, pastel and oil. Special sketch pad for chalk, pencil and charcoal. Mix-Media Pad Multi-techniques for watercolor, gouache, acrylic, ink, pastel, oil, marker, etc.

New models will be available soon: Manga, Marker, Lettering, Absorbent Canvas Pad, Watercolor Pad. Don't miss out!.

Canvas pad

Glued pad with canvas

Pad glued to cotton canvas with triple layer of universal primer Phoenix Made of white gesso, it offers an optimal result in adherence, in movement of the line and in the final luminosity of the color.

Canvas ABSORB Pad

Glued pad of absorbent canvas sheets

100% Cotton canvas canvas pad of 250 grs. and extra fine grain. Prepared with a triple layer of ultra soft gesso. Specific for watercolors, water-based techniques: gouache, tempera, acrylic or oil.

Sketch pad

The sketchpad

Glued pad with a universal drawing paper of 100 g / m2It can be used for any dry technique, it is ideal for pen, pencil, colored pencils, and charcoal.

Mix Media Pad

The pad for multi-techniques

Glued pad with a paper that stands out for its silky texture, it maintains its natural appearance, giving it an exceptional touch feeling.

Drawing Pad

The traditional drawing pad

Glued pad. It stands out for its satin finish, soft and very resistant.


Pad Sleeve

The glued drawing pad for new illustration techniques

Its paper is ideal for all comic and illustration drawing techniques: pencil, ink, gouache, marker, pen, ballpoint pen, etc.

Marker Pad

Glued pad ideal for markers

Very soft and, at the same time, waterproof. Its role is ideal for all types of markers.

Lettering Pad

Glued pad dedicated to the practice of lettering.

Lettering is the art of designing letters by playing with textures and graphic elements and colors.