Artist of the Season

Alvaro Rodrigo

It must be recognized that, until recently, the concept of painting and art for Phoenix Arts, as a manufacturer of Fine Arts material, was based on traditional painting, the use of canvas, canvas frames in various forms and formats, rigid supports such as plastered or natural wood, hard paper or canvas cardboard, and the traditional pads. Of course, it is obvious, there are additional techniques such as crafts, DIY, or even digital art that, for the moment, we have not touched on. Artistto the Station. However, everything comes. Society evolves and so do we.

For this reason, what better than autumn, the season of change, to modify and broaden our vision of art and focus it, this time, on the mural as a support. Therefore, we have contacted Álvaro Rodrigo artista Spanish muralist, based in Chile for about 10 years, to present us some of his fantastic works, located on the walls of houses or buildings, bridges, company facades, or street walls in large cities such as Barcelona and Madrid. Álvaro, although he also works on illustration, lives by the wall, and is a member of the International Collective of Muralists Pangea.

Dialoguing with Álvaro Rodrigo is a real pleasure. He transmits enthusiasm for his work, for his hobby, his passion, his way of life. Our artistThe muralist explains the advantages and disadvantages of the support he works with. The risks of his works becoming ephemeral, and the challenge of keeping them alive against the inclemencies of nature, the behavior of human beings, or the urban needs of society. Consequently, Álvaro Rodrigo tells us that "the creative process of my work is worth more than the result itself", demolishing the myths and weaknesses that the technique of the exterior mural may possess, in an elegant, optimistic and constructive way. Passion for art.

We have not mentioned Álvaro's father, Philip Rodrigo. Visit his Instagram. However, we leave a sample of his painting based on the technique of action painting or dripping, abstract expressionism. Some work by Álvaro Rodrigo pays homage to his father.

painting abstract expressionism dripping Felipe Rodrigo

Álvaro Rodrigo mural beach surf school marina wave sunrise
Álvaro Rodrigo wide mural under bridge cold colors dark pink women with masks
Álvaro Rodrigo man face beard semi finished gray white brush strokes black background paint on black
Alvaro Rodrigo artista watercolor illustration falcon on tree trunk

I am Alvaro Rodrigo, artista muralist, from Madrid based in La Serena, Chile, since 2012. The beginnings of my professional career —2005— are through advertising painting on shutters, internal or external walls of businesses in northern Madrid. Although we must not forget the first 'graffiti' made on urban spaces, where the search for style and identity were my artistic motor back in 1998.

I collaborate with NGOs to rescue the natural and historical heritage of the regions, through the mural.

I quickly left the world of 'Graffitti' to stay entirely in the urban environment until today. In this period of time I have gone through artistic processes that sought to interact with the passer-by by delivering a direct message, rather than the search for aesthetic, compositional, color, etc. values, until now bringing together the concept of the message, along with embellishing the architecture of the place. . Defining a series of murals with the aim of disseminating content of a mainly scientific and even infomural nature is strictly.

In the present I work collaboratively with NGOs and other types of organizations, to rescue the natural and historical heritage of a region through murals and its entire creative/community process.

Parallel to all this, I have created the label 'Álvaro Rodrigo Studio', where through fine art reproductions and illustrations, I show the result of an internal process. Art, science and positioning within society come together to deliver a universal message: know to protect.

Finally, I develop a personal work in mixed techniques —acrylic, synthetic spray, plastic paint, pigments, watercolor, acrylics, etc.— using black or white color on a white or black background, respectively. The project, 'paint on white' or 'paint on black', where lights and shadows reveal the harshness of life: how we illuminate our shadows, there is no going back, there is no eraser, each stroke is unique, final and unrepeatable. There is no correction.

On the wall I like to use a black or white acrylic spray with a wide valve —from 1 to 15 cm—, playing with the transparencies, the support and, above all, the atmosphere that surrounds it: noise, cars, people, etc. wind…


Alvaro Rodrigo artista muralist painting on building wall with scaffolding blue bird
Álvaro Rodrigo mural gray felines various postures on white wall
Álvaro Rodrigo mural of black house facing faces white brush strokes gray paint on black
Alvaro Rodrigo artista muralist mural detail animal eye
Álvaro Rodrigo drawing swan white brush strokes on black paper paint on black
Álvaro Rodrigo abstract acrylic drawing on carved wooden broken trunk

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