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Olga Cortadelles

This Autumn, unlike previous entries on our wall, we want to present, more than a person, an artistic duo. A figure formed by a support and an artist. The support is not branded Phoenix, nor from our beloved competition. The support is a town in the northeast of Spain, in the province of Lleida, called Penelles. A place that has become a work of art by giving up the walls of its houses as a creative platform for artists, thanks to the Rural Murals and Art Festival annual. In Penelles you live by and for art, as explained in the blog of The tireless traveler.

One of the brushes that bathes these walls with art is that of Olga Cortadelles, our autumnal artist. She is a creator of spontaneous forms through inquiry and trial. Mix of materials such as fabrics or papers, techniques such as stamping, cutting, and supports such as cardboard, newspaper or wood, among others, generates an impactful result. Olga has painted on the walls of the town of Penelles, and now she paints on our wall in Phoenix, where he presents his Notebook "Flight Apprentice". And, with rhythm, we cannot help singing "Tie your belts that we are going to take off ...".

For me it is a vital game that fills me with joy and energy.

I am Olga, born in Agramunt, graduated in Fine Arts and always involved in artistic creation, crafts or graphic design. I currently live in Penelles where I have the Engraving and Serigraphy Workshop, Estampart.

I have always felt the need to build and manipulate with different materials such as cardboard, fabric, wood. I like to draw and paint what surrounds me and what I imagine, also cutting, pasting and transforming the images into new creations. By discovering engraving and stamping techniques, he completed the sense of mixing all disciplines in order to search for an image or even an object.

With watercolors, acrylics, collage, transfers and also Pop-up ... the paper fills with color, the shapes appear and a narrative is built between the elements and the composition.

Birds immerse themselves in a sea of ​​clouds or fish that are flight learners… with multiple readings.

For me it is a vital game that fills me with joy and energy.

"Flight Apprentice”Is an artist's notebook, an intense course of experimental work that, as its name indicates, has given me ALAS to enjoy spontaneity and collect multiple techniques in the notebook.

Estampart Botiga-Workshop it is a space for exhibitions, for tasting art and territory. Our main objective is to promote creativity, betting on graphic work giving value to artistic printing techniques. Olga Cortadelles Cercós, promoter of the Estampart Art Space, at the same time Ocor lalala, artistic name with which she signed the work of her own production.

"Flight Apprentice“, Is the title of my work done this last year, a notebook made with the accompaniment of Grupo Cuaderno Negro guided by the plastic artist Iván Araujo.